What is Short Term Medical?

Not having health insurance coverage for even a short amount of time can be expensive. What if you have an accident? 

Short Term Medical can help cover the cost of:

  • Office visits
  • Hospitalization 
  • Outpatient spine and back visits
  • Limited Preventative 
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Optional: Accident Add-on
  • Apply for coverage any day of the year- no qualifying event needed. No waiting for an enrollment period. 
  • Complete a medical application- Short Term Medical is medically underwritten. Application questions help determine if you’re eligible for coverage. 
  • Choose your plan duration from 1 month to just under 12 months, depending on the state where you reside.
  • Pick your plan- Four different Short Term Medical plans to choose from with many deductible options and a $2 million lifetime maximum benefit per covered person. 

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